Wednesday, 8 July 2015

WTF is E.L.F

Honestly, I do not know why the F**K you call youselves E.L.F. That sounds seriously stupid and please don't smear the elegant image of real elves.

This is a really a bunch of idiots with NO LIFE. Honestly, you think SUckyJUnior gives a F**K about you? Oh wait they do, without morons like you, they cant milk your money and would have to beg on the streets.

And I am really curious if there is any ELF that likes this fat douchebag I don't even know his name in SUckyJUnior? LOL, that's a really good joke that cracks me up.

Stay tune for more


  1. Just happened to come across your blog. Why are you insulting ELFs? Everyone is entitled to who they like and who they support. I think you are the one who has no life here. Stop dissing others, you are just jealous of how awesome SUJU is!

  2. @ziggerzaut, Hi there pretty! Well, these immature ELFs spend their youth and parents' money chasing SUckyJUniors. I mean there are idols worth chasing, like One Republic, MLTR or even Big Bang, if we are talking bout Korean groups. But no way in a zillion years SUJU.

    I certainly hope you are not one of the stupid ELF cause you are too pretty for that :)

  3. Well I am a proud ELF. We are just supporting who we like. Piss off will ya!