Wednesday, 8 July 2015

WTF is E.L.F

Honestly, I do not know why the F**K you call youselves E.L.F. That sounds seriously stupid and please don't smear the elegant image of real elves.

This is a really a bunch of idiots with NO LIFE. Honestly, you think SUckyJUnior gives a F**K about you? Oh wait they do, without morons like you, they cant milk your money and would have to beg on the streets.

And I am really curious if there is any ELF that likes this fat douchebag I don't even know his name in SUckyJUnior? LOL, that's a really good joke that cracks me up.

Stay tune for more

Super Junior's Siwon to produce movie adaptation of the webtoon

So this faggot now wants to be a producer? OMG, please..SERIOUSLY? Pay me a million and I would never watch his movie. Wait, I would take that million, find 1000 people and give them 10 bucks to skip that movie. And I will sit in to the movie with my beats headphone, eye mask and take a selfie and post here. How about that?

This fag Siwon is really gay. Let the pictures speak for itself:

Check out the pictures below.
See how he forcefully makes Kyuhyun kiss him? That was so disgusting and this guy was really something.

Those are some of his picture with co-member Eunhyuk.

Wait, theres more, with Hee Chul.

I feel real sad for SUckyJUnior fans. And yes my dear E.L.F, please be patient and I will write about you soon.